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Stop is the 8th episode of Season 1 and the 8th episode overall. In this episode, Audrey and Lucy become friends only to break up again and Kyra is forced out of her home.


Plot Edit

The episode begins with Lucy and Josh sitting in front of a pond and begin talking until Lucy gets called back home by her mother.

Shortly after this, Kyra and her family are seen in front of a beaten down house. They go inside and after Kyra's mom explains that they now have to live there, they all have to sleep on the same bed. Kyra starts yelling at her Dad and falls of the bed, knowing he pushed her off.

At school, Lucy comes over to Audrey and asks if shes mad at her, which Audrey gives a clumsy answer to.

Audrey then asks if Lucy would like to come over, but Lucy reminds her that there was a shooting. Audrey gets mad at this and says to not tell her parents.

Michelle and her friends are standing aside, making fun of Kyra. Sara walks over and asks Kyra if salvation army is too expensive for her.

Kyra tells her to stop, but Sara just gives even more taunts until Sara walks away and Kyra go sits on a nearby bench. She is watching as Lucy and Audrey are having fun talking and is too afraid to join in.

We cut back to Michelle and Sara talking about Alyssa when Abigail rudely disrupts asking about her lipstick. Crystal and Beth reply, but Beth seems very nervous.

Back to Lucy and Audrey, she is seen telling Audrey her school scheduele. Abigail walks over and tells Lucy to kill herself. This makes Lucy very upset and Audrey tries to comfort her as much as she can.

The kids go inside and Sara is talking about how much she misses Alyssa. Lucy walks into class and Sara remarks on her diet. Shortly after this, Abigail walks in a flirts with Ben. Abigail walks over to Lucy and again reminds her that if she killed herself, nobody would be sad. Mr. Ingwall asks if Abigail is in the class, but Abigail said she just wants to flirt with Ben and says Ben is her boyfriend. Ben tries to defend himself, but fail. Abigail leaves still flirting with Ben.

Class ends, and Lucy and Audrey walk into class, only to see Kyra crying in the bathroom about her family being poor and the popular girls teasing her about it. The popular girls walk in and Michelle says to not use the toilets because Kyra spreaded her herpes. Audrey tries to tell the popular girls to shut up, but she gets ignored. After they leave, Lucy tries to ask about Kyra's house, but Kyra leaves.

Audrey tells Lucy that if there going to her house, she has to take the bus, which Lucy agree's to. Lucy asks if she's getting a lift home, which Audrey tells her she is annoying sometimes but yes she is. The two then leave.

On the bus, Crystal is making fun of Lucy, but Beth is way to nervous to do that. Crystal walks over to Lucy and hits her, which makes the other kids explode with laughter.

The bus stops in front of Audrey's apartment and the two get off and go to Audrey's room and begin hanging out.

After this, we see Michelle dancing in her room singing,"What Makes You Beautiful" By One Direction. Michelle then gets a phone call from Sara saying her and Mckenna are going to Alyssa's house and asking her to come. Michelle agree's and her mom tries to tell her something, but Michelle told her mom to shut up.

The three walk to Alyssa's house and her mom answers the door, saying Alyssa is in her room then does a sassy walk away. They go upstairs and Alyssa greets them, talking about how Alyssa did nnot deserve to be suspended.

Alyssa gets on her computer and asks the girls if they would like to see something on Facebook. Alyssa has posted something saying that Kyra had HIV and Lucy was Alyssa's stalker. The popular girls find this very funny.

Back with Audrey and Lucy, Audrey is telling Lucy about a boy and said that if she grow breasts, she would become more attractive. Lucy gets mad at this and says that's not funny, and even if she could get a boyfriend, her dad wouldn't let her. Audrey talks about how cool her dad is, and Lucy ask of her mom's opinion, only to learn that Audrey's mom died when she was 4. Lucy apologizes and asks about how and about the shooting, but this just pushes Audrey past her breaking point.

Audrey yells at Lucy to shut up and leave. Lucy asks if shew getting a ride home, but Audrey just yells and Lucy runs out crying.

At Alyssa's house, she is in her room sitting on her bed when she leaves the room. She tries to ask her mom something, but her mom is drunk and ignores her. Alyssa grows furious and says that that is a clear example of why she hates her mom. She tries to ask her dad, but her dad's working. Alyssa blows up and says she hates everyone, then runs back to her room, sobbing.

Lucy walks home and her parents and waiting for her, worried. When Lucy walks through the door, her parents get mad and tell her to go to her room. Lucy does what she is told, until she see's Lindsey's friends in the room dancing. Lucy gets mad and runs downstairs, saying for her birthday, she would like her own room. Her parents are no longer mad and agree, saying the'll get in redone and everything. This makes Lucy very happy.

We now go to Kat's house, where she gets on her computer to video call Josh. Kat tells Josh they should hang out as much as they can on winter break. Kat asks to do a bunch of stuff but she learns Josh is doing stuff with Lucy. Kat calls Lucy a ugly nerd and asks why he even hangs out with her. Josh replies asking why was she being so mean. They end the video chat and the episode ends.

Quotes Edit

Michelle: She may be a slet but her sister

Sara: Yeah I know! I miss Alyssa.

(Abigail interrupting)

Abigail: You like my new lipstick?


Audrey: He was actually really cute!

Lucy: Oh, really?

Audrey: You know maybe if you grew some boobs maybe the boys would be after you!


Abigail: Hey Ben! Do you like my dress? It's SO Hot, I know!!! (giggles)

Ben: Ummm...

Abigail: (giggles) I know!!! I'm perfect!! Don't you think so also?