*Scene shows Josh sitting in front of a pond when Lucy walks up to him*

Lucy: Hey Josh!

Josh: Hey Lucy!

Josh: Look at that pond!

Lucy: Cool!

Josh: So...Lucy. I was thinking, we-

Hannah: Lucy! Come on!!

Lucy: I have to go *walks off*

*Next scene shows Kyra and her family in front of a beaten down house when they walk inside*

Kyra's Mom: Well, this is it. We don't have alot of money so this will have to do. We are all sleeping on this bed, Okay?

*Scene shows them in bed*

Kyra: Dad? Dad Dad DAD DAD!!! *Falls off bed* Owww...

*Theme Song*

*Scene is the kids at school with Audrey lying on a bench. Lucy walks up to her.*

Lucy: Audrey? Are you still mad at me?

Audrey: *Sighs* No.

Lucy: Yay!

Audrey: Hey wanna come over?

Lucy: Audrey! There was a shooting! My Mom and Dad would never let me go!

Audrey: Just don't tell them!

*Cuts to Kyra walking across the play ground then to the popular girls*

Michelle: Holy shet on a freaking stick look at Kyra!!!

Sara: Ew!!! She had that dress on Friday!!! Did she wear it all weekend?!

Mckenna: Ew...

*Sara walks over to Kyra*

Sara: What? Salvation Army to expensive for you?

Kyra: Leave me alone...

Sara: Ha! Wow, you are SO sad! What are you gonna do, cry to mommy?

*Kyra walks away and sits on a bench, watching Lucy and Audrey. Abigail and her friends are walking to some random place.*

Michelle: She may be a slet but her sister...

Sara: Yeah I know, I miss Alyssa.

Abigail: You like my red lipstick?

Beth: *Shyly* Hee Hee, Yeah, It's Sexy.

*Back to Lucy and Audrey*

Lucy: I have Math first period. Then, E.L.A, Then, 3rd period I have art. After that, P.E. Then science, Then, social studies. And then E.L.A 2.

*Abigail walks over to Lucy*

Abigail: EW!! Lucy! Go shoot yourself!!! Everyone would be happy!!!